Republicans: Democrats: Tossup:

Our interactive electoral map currently shows the 2016 election results as the basis to create your own 2020 forecast. If you prefer, you can use the popular vote from the 2018 midterm elections as your starting point.

Click on the states to toggle them between Democrat, Republican and Tossup and watch the electoral vote tallies change.

When the 2020 campaign gets underway, we’ll create a consensus map based on the latest polling and forecasts.

About the Electoral Vote Map

Electoral Vote Map is an interactive map to help you follow the 2020 presidential election. The site also features a series of explainers about how presidents are actually elected in the United States.

The election of the president is about winning the popular vote in enough states to achieve a majority of electoral votes, or 270 of the 538 available. Winning the popular vote is irrelevant, as we saw in both the 2000 and 2016 elections.